Sri Lanka, when is the best time to travel

Sri Lanka is a special and peculiar tourist destination. Only lately it has commenced improving touristically but nonetheless it hasn’t managed to incorporate itself among the list of top holidaymaker destinations. At the same time a lot of people, in general, are not aware of several things with regards to the place.
Sri Lanka or Ceylon, as it is was previously named, is an island country southeast of India (Sri Lanka e-visa) . It is situated in the Indian Ocean as well as its shape looks like that of a tear. Its population reaches up to 22 millions and it is located near to the equator, something which would make its weather hot with extreme moisture and monsoon periods. In the country there are only a few big metropolitan areas given that people tend to live in small or bigger towns. Apart from the strong Indian influences given that India is its bigger neighbor, the country has been highly influenced by British colonialism. Most of its people converse English as well as the currency of the nation is Sri Lanka rupee. Due to its location in the Indian ocean, the climate is impacted by 2 distinct monsoon waves.

Exactly what is the perfect time to visit Sri Lanka?

This is actually a matter that is on everyone’s lips when traveling to Sri Lanka. The weather conditions are extreme and thus it is necessary to plan your getaway appropriately. The rains in Sri Lanka typically start in August thus a trip in June or even July is fine because the humidity is manageable. The heat is way more intense during noon.
The dry period for the west and also south part of the nation is between December and March however the perfect time to go visit the historic metropolitan areas like Anuradhapura and also the eastern part is in between April and September. Sri Lanka is located in the tropical area (Source: E-visa Sri Lanka) and is affected by 2 monsoons in the south west part (May until August) and in the northwest part (December until March). The monsoons affect just the particular part of the island, something that shows that whenever it is raining in the east part the west part is dry and vice versa. Temperatures are around 27 degrees all year long and also decrease should you ascend to higher altitudes getting around 16 degrees in Nuwara Eliya (1800 meters). The majority of visitors go to Sri Lanka from December till March to escape from the European winter.

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Overall, outlining, the perfect time to go to Sri Lanka depends heavily on which area of the nation you would like to see. If you want to visit the west and also south coasts as well as the hill country the best time to see is from December to March. However in case you are making your way to the east coast the ideal time to travel to is from April/May to September. Last but not least, when it comes to people and criminal activities, generally speaking you do not have to be worried about something similar to this. People are very hospitable and holidaymakers face no threat in any way.

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